IJF Judogi Standards and Clothing Regulations(New Standard for Red Labels)

Judogi are manufactured according to the following standards, certified by the IJF (International Judo Federation) and have the IJF red label mark on the right. It can be worn at the Olympic Games and other international competitions.

IJF Red Label

Various standards and dress rules

Judogi Control Procedures

  • ?The sleeves must be covered by the Judogi, including the wrist, They can be controlled when the arms are extended in front of the strenum. (refer figure 1)
  • ?The distance between the sternum top and the lapel crossing point of the jacket vertically must be less then 10 cm. (The arrow in Figure 2 below is less than 10 cm)
  • ?Crossing points of the jacket must be at more than 20 cm. (The arrow in Figure 3 below is 20 cm minimum)
  • ?The "skirt" has to cover completely the buttocks.
    However, the skirt must be above 10 cm from the knee.
  • ?The width must be between 10 and 15 cm at the knee level.

Specification features (main part)

  • 1. Cotton blending rate should be 70% or more. For materials other than cotton (30% or less), the use of synthetic fibers is permitted.
  • 2. The tensile strength of the sashiko cloth (jacket upper part) must be 2,200 N or more and the weight per square meter must be between 650 g to 750 g. Moreover allowance of +/-5% is allowed.
  • 3. The weave of the fabric is based on the regulations.
  • 4. The width of the collar is up to 4cm, and the collar is stitched with 4 stripes. The inner core material is as specified. A 10kg weight is placed 5cm from the bending position, and the maximum height is within 3.5cm.
  • 5. White Judogi is white or a color close to white. Blue Judogi must be in the specified pantone color (AJJF rules do not certify blue. As of 2019).

Domestic tournaments where it is mandatory to wear these Judogi following the IJF regulations.

  • The IJF red label and red-marked Judogi application competitions have been compulsory from April 2017 for the competitions listed in the table below. Judogi control will be implemented according to the new IJF regulations.
  • ?Black belts are authorized with IJF red / blue label and red / black mark.
  • ?If a red belt or red-and-white belt is worn at the event, the belt part of this rule is exempt. (IJF Belts are only Black Belts)
  • ?The length from the knot to the ends of the band should be about 20cm to 30cm.